Aeronautical Engineering

In modern aviation, the safety requirements and operational efficiency in a panorama of fierce market competition , make the field of aeronautical technology is restricted to a small number of countries , among which Brazil is included . Several indicators point to the fact that the country lacks Aeronautical Engineers to meet the growing demand resulting from the expansion of air transport and the need to promote technological innovations needed to ensure the competitiveness of Brazilian aviation industry internationally

The student of aeronautical engineering may engage in various extracurricular activities that can be validated with credits such as: competition teams ( Aerodesign , Mini Baja and Mobile Robotics ) , Tutorial Education Program , Junior Company , Scientific Initiation and Mobility International.

The Aeronautical Engineering from the UFU will be able to work in the design, manufacture and maintenance of fixed and rotary wing aircraft , small , medium and large , civil and military , and also the planning and management in airlines . Because of its solid and comprehensive training , it may act in various sectors of industry, research centers or public bodies , and will be able to supplement their training level graduate ( specialization , Master or Doctorate ) .

Over the course

Denomination: Aeronautical Engineering

Mode offered : Bachelor

Academic regime : half

Supply shift : Full

Number of seats per semester : 20

Course length: at least ten (10) semesters and a maximum of fifteen (15) semesters

Course legalization act : CONSUN Resolution 05/2009

Type : Graduation


Phone: 34 2512 6768

Coordinator: Roberto de Souza Martins


Diretor Valder Steffen Jr.
Contato: 34 2512-6768
Unidade Organizacional Superior: